Voter Information

We annually publish a list of those men and women at all levels of government who have been elected to represent you. Called “They Represent You,” this handy list includes names, positions and contact information.

Register to vote!

Before the Primary and General elections the League sponsors candidate forums where candidates respond to questions posed by the League. All events include an opportunity for community members to talk directly to the candidates and pick up their materials. Forums are videotaped by CVTV, Channels 21 and 23, the local government channels, and replayed prior to the elections.

Read our updated brochure “How to Pick a Candidate” available here.


Use our link to the Washington Voter website to find a wealth of information on voting. You can also find your precinct and the voting districts you live in either at Washington Voter or the Clark County Auditor’s site which has other information on Clark County elections.

Fair Campaign Practices Project
This project is intended to encourage positive campaign practices and healthy competition among candidates. All candidates registering with the Clark County Elections Office will be invited to sign the Fair Campaign Pledge upon registration as a candidate.

In the Pledge candidates agree to conduct a campaign which focuses on the issues and candidate qualifications, and avoid unfair attacks on opponents and distortions or misrepresentations of fact.

Read or print parts or all of the information about our program at the links below.