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Positions on issues…never on candidates…are taken at the national, state and local levels of the League of Women Voters. Advocacy on issues is based on both the Principles of the League of Women Voters and on positions that are the result of extensive study and an exhaustive consensus process with League membership.


Recently we took a vocal position on the redrawing of county council districts in Clark County.

The League has been actively engaged in the Clark County redistricting efforts since the fall of 2021. The process was messy from the very beginning with late census numbers, the new Charter Amendments and what appeared to be direct intervention from the County Council. 

With no map as of December 31, 2021, it got even murkier due to no clear direction in the Charter as to what should happen in this event. After two lawsuits that were filed by a former redistricting committee member were rejected and the County Council went back and forth on proposed maps, the court ruled May 27th, 2022, on a map that the League believes is seriously gerrymandered and flawed. 

Interesting comment from the judge, ". . .that we get the government we deserve and the two things you never want to see made are legislation and sausage." Twice we expressed to the public and the County Council our views and remain disappointed in the outcome. 

However, our mission remains the same - Empowering Voters and Defending Democracy. That means, registering and educating voters and stressing the importance of voting in EVERY election, particularly the Primary where one's vote counts the most. All Politics is Local - local elections are the ones that affect our daily lives.

Also see the blog post called "Council action on redistricting “disheartened"." It contains the statement we made to the Council at the May 10 hearing.

State Issues

The League of Women Voters of Washington establishes a set of Legislative Priorities to pursue during the legislative session.

Local Study

Local programs of study are determined by the membership. After thorough research members come together to discuss the findings and determine areas of agreement in establishing a position on the study topic.

Our most recent study was on transportation and we currently have a local study underway to update our position on land use in Clark County.

Over the years the Local League has taken a position on the following:

Justice in Clark County
Land Use
Orderly Metropolitan Development
Parks and Recreation
Port of Vancouver
Solid Waste
Tax Policy in Clark County

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